Camso X4S (UTV)

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The NEW Camso X4S track system has been designed to make the most of any outdoor activities on your small to mid size side-by-side vehicle with 3 seats or less.

4,799 (including VAT)
Camso X4S (UTV)
Camso X4S (UTV)
Camso X4S (UTV)


Camso  Flex-Track Design

Camso Flex-Track Design

  • Front tracks have flexible sides and slight curve toward the inside
  • Stable handling
  • More comfortable ride than traditional flat tracks
  • Precise steering for pleasant long-distance riding and all-day work
Solid Steel Frame

Solid Steel Frame

  • Optimized geometry provides better front steering and handling
  • High transverse and longitudinal stiffness
  • Durable powder-coated
Bearing Housing

Bearing Housing

  • Double bearing design with oil bath lubrification
  • Double bearing hubs and oil bath housing for optimum durability
Idler And Mid-Roller Wheels

Idler And Mid-Roller Wheels

  • Increased width (26 mm) provides better track support
  • Double bearing bolted on wheels for easier serviceability
  • Standard and replaceable sealed bearings for economic maintenance


  • You can keep the same track system and install it on your new machine.
  • Camso tailors track systems to optimally match your engine.
  • For individual adaptation of your tracks you can order optimal sprockets size for your new vehicle.
  • It’s effective way to maximize your investment.


Vehicle size

Recommended for: 4x4 UTVs, 400 ccm to 700 ccm 


Drive type Internal drive
Frame Carbon steel
Idler & mid-roller Wheels/Tire 134 & 202 mm double bearings wheel. Standard and replacable sealed bearings. Elastomer outer band. Bladder-type wheel cap
Hub and bearing Cast steel multi-bolt (4) pattern hub
Tandem & suspension Mono front tandem on pivot point with bolted wheels

Rubber Track

Type Front: Flat Rear: Flat
Width Front: 292 mm  / Rear: 318 mm
Length Front: 2372 mm / Rear: 2507 mm
Lug height Front: 32 mm / Rear: 32 mm


Ground surface 1.30 m²
Maintained speed (average)
Weight Front: 33kg / Rear: 36 kg
Height Front: 604 mm / Rear: 590 mm
Length Front: 1016 mm / Rear: 1081 mm
Width Front: 292 mm / Rear: 318 mm
Mounting hardware weight approx. 2.75 kg
 Offset (length) Front: 609 mm / Rear: 685 mm
 Offset (width) 153 mm
  Ground clearance (average) Front height: 390 mm / Rear height: 372 mm

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