ATV / UTV track system maintenance and storage tips

Remove each track system

Carefully group and label all components to avoid confusion. Remove the plates first, then the wheel nuts and finally, the rest of the system.

  • Camso TipAlways remove all track system anti-rotation brackets and their components before reinstalling the wheels. Leaving the brackets attached to the suspension arms could cause interference and potentially damage the vehicle.

Clean each track system

Gently remove all dirt and debris using a biodegradable degreaser and gentle spray of water. If using a pressure washer, work with extreme care because the spray can damage rolling components.

  • Camso Tip: Avoid using a brake cleaning solvent, which can damage sealing components and stickers.

Inspect all parts

Look for any signs of damage, wear or cracks. This includes the track, the tie rod, wheels, and all bearings.

  • Camso Tip: Identify the parts to replace and make a list of any damaged or worn-out components and order them now from your local dealer. That way, you’ll be ready for another season.

Lubricate rolling parts

Clean the old lubricant and apply a new coat on rolling parts

  • Camso Tip: Pour 5 teaspoons of oil under the wheel caps and between the bearings to extend wheel life.


Store your tracks horizontally

Store your track systems on their side so that gravity can better disperse the lubricant. This will also prevent water from accumulating in the bearings and other parts so that they don’t rust and potentially fail. 

  • Camso Tip: Always store track systems in a dry location away from direct sunlight.